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We are looking for an IT Manager to take on and look after IT in our Shoreditch office which is home to our 100 or so UK-based staff. IT responsibilities include:

  • Desktop. Actually, we have mostly laptops but the world of IT still talks of desktop support. We are mainly Mac-based but also employ a handful of eccentric Windows-types who like to be different with their Thinkpads and Dell XPSs. We have a large contingent of tech staff who can more than easily mostly look after themselves but we also have less tech-y staff who naturally need a bit more support. Desktop build and management is becoming an increasing issue for us as we grow, so experience in this area is important.
  • Mobile. We are a mixed company-owned and BYOD environment with both iOS and Android devices. The main challenge here is security and endpoint management rather than end-user support.
  • Network. Netgear managed switches, Xirrus wifi, Watchguard firewall (DHCP and perimeter security). Most of the work here involves figuring out why something isn’t working/performing, so network troubleshooting skills are a must.
  • Network devices and peripherals. A handful of printers and NAS; not a lot of in-office kit really as we’re mostly “in the cloud”. However, while there aren’t many in-office peripherals, they are important to those users that depend on them so need to be looked after and highly available.
  • A/V. We have a handful of meeting rooms and collaboration spaces where we do meetings and events with remote attendees. Not traditional videocon; we’re more Zoom and Hangouts than Polycom. But it needs to work well and reliably.

We don’t have a lot of traditional IT as most of what we do is “in the cloud”: Google G-Suite, Slack, Atlassian, Salesforce, Zoom, Office 365, are our main weapons of choice. There’s no Active Directory. There’s no VOIP telephony. There’s no (or very little) end-user application support; we’re mostly browser-based. The Fuse crew are generally clueful, smart, technical / creative / business types who just need a laptop that works and internet connection that flies to get their work done. With all of the cloud-based applications that we run our business on, SSO - using G-Suite / Okta - and user provisioning and deprovisioning are an ever increasing challenge for us, as is endpoint management (laptop and mobile).

Your mission will be to take over IT - currently a responsibility distributed across a handful of existing staff - make it yours, sort it out and transform it into a thing of beauty that no one notices (or complains about) but that you can be incredibly proud of.


Our ideal candidate looks like this:

  • You’ll have been the IT person in a small, fast-growing business, handling it all. Or maybe a frustrated hands-on IT person in a larger company where you know you could do a better job than your boss.
  • You’ll have been doing this for a couple of years so you know what you’re doing, don’t need a lot of handholding, and will have developed some of your own ideas re best practices, approaches and technology choices in the world of IT.
  • You’ll be hands-on, as much of your day will be getting stuff done and you’ll be the person doing it. Even though this job carries the title IT Manager the only team you’ll be managing will be yourself: we’re not looking for an IT Manager who is used to delegating work a team of underlings; we’re looking for an IT Do-er who can manage themselves and largely self-direct the work they need to do based on a sensible prioritisation of what needs to be done.
  • You won’t be fazed by being in a target-rich environment in which there are a number of aspects of IT where we have yet to hit the threshold of “good”.
  • You’ll have an idea of what “good->better->best” looks like and will be able to develop and execute a plan, that you’ll own, for getting from “now” to those future states.

Our perfect candidate has all of the above plus a good sense of humour, especially in the face of IT adversity and typical small, fast-growing company chaos.


  • 100 colleagues who will praise you as the saviour of IT
  • Lots of other sensible/useful stuff: 25 days holiday, pension, healthcare, etc
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