IT Manager

London, England, United Kingdom


We are looking for an IT Manager to take on and look after IT in our Shoreditch office which is home to our 100 or so UK-based staff. IT responsibilities include:

We don’t have a lot of traditional IT as most of what we do is “in the cloud”: Google G-Suite, Slack, Atlassian, Salesforce, Zoom, Office 365, are our main weapons of choice. There’s no Active Directory. There’s no VOIP telephony. There’s no (or very little) end-user application support; we’re mostly browser-based. The Fuse crew are generally clueful, smart, technical / creative / business types who just need a laptop that works and internet connection that flies to get their work done. With all of the cloud-based applications that we run our business on, SSO - using G-Suite / Okta - and user provisioning and deprovisioning are an ever increasing challenge for us, as is endpoint management (laptop and mobile).

Your mission will be to take over IT - currently a responsibility distributed across a handful of existing staff - make it yours, sort it out and transform it into a thing of beauty that no one notices (or complains about) but that you can be incredibly proud of.


Our ideal candidate looks like this:

Our perfect candidate has all of the above plus a good sense of humour, especially in the face of IT adversity and typical small, fast-growing company chaos.


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